The Analog Photographic Artwork of Grant Lyke

What is Analog Photography?


It’s not just Grant’s artistic medium!  Analog photography uses photographic film to capture moments, rather than the digital image sensors utilized by modern digital cameras.  This is how photography started! Grant not only takes the pictures, he then develops the film and prints the image by hand in the darkroom.  Each photomontage print takes weeks to create and is created entirely by hand.

What is Photomontage?


Photomontage allows Grant to use what is real to create something surreal. Each piece is actually a combination, or montage, of multiple negatives printed onto one piece of photographic paper. To put it another way, it’s “Photoshopping” without using Photoshop. Creating these images by hand is a painstaking manual process that can take weeks, but the end result is totally worth it! 


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