This print is a composite print, also known as a photomontage. This means that 2 different negatives were printed on the same sheet of paper.  In this case the first negative contained the Lincoln Memorial and the reflection pond.  The second negative contains the MLK Memorial. The second negative containing the MLK memorial was actually printed twice. The first exposure was MLK standing over the Lincoln Memorial, and the second use of the negative created the MLK reflection in the pond. That is a total of 3 exposures with 2 negatives to create this print. This print took nearly 2 weeks and 50 sheets of paper to get right!


Artist's Thoughts on the Print:

As you evaluate this print, I would like you to consider the following elements:

-MLK's position over the Lincoln Memorial

-The removal of the stone surrounding the visage of MLK that is apart of the MLK Memorial

-Darkness within the Lincoln Memorial

-MLK's reflection in the pond

-Tourists playing on the frozen pond


Monumental Presence 2 of 3

  • Image comes matted! This image with the mat will fit any 11" x 14" frame.

    Image size: 8" x 10"

    Mat Size: 11" x 14" 

  • 3 copies of this print were printed on 11Nov2020.  Copy 2 of 3 and 3 of 3 are available on my website.  Copy 3 of 3 can be found listed as a separate item in the store.