This is one of the double exposure shots that I've taken in Durham.  A double exposure is made by exposing the same frame of photographic film twice, rather than once.  The result can be a surreal image that allows for a bit of extra creative expression.  This particular image is a section of chain link fence over a local, popular development.  There is alot of discussion in Durham right now about how housing options are becoming scarce for the lower income earners.  By laying the fence over a frequent hangout spot, I hope to convey my fear that Durham may become exclusive in all the wrong ways.

Off Limits

    • Only 10 total printed
    • Photo was shot on film and developed by Grant Lyke
    • Each piece comes numbered and framed  
    • Dimensions: 10 inch x 15 inch photo; 16 inch by 20 inch frame
    • Gallery Fine Black Frame
    • Archival Quality Acid Free White Mat
    • Fine Art Smooth Matte Photographic Print
    • Ready to hang right out of the box!
    • Free shipping included with purchase anywhere in the United States.